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Smart911 is a free program that you can sign up for online or by app on your mobile phone. It will provide direct information to the 911 dispatcher shortly after the 911 call is answered. Profile information and pictures become available to them to help assist with your emergency. If you cannot talk, dispatch will be able to initiate a text message to you. (Arenac County does not have text to talk to 911 – which means you cannot directly send a text message to 911 for help). You may not be able to talk because you have a speech or hearing impairment. Perhaps you are currently involved in a domestic or dangerous situation, or don't want others around you to know you have called. If your loved one with Dementia is lost, 911 will have an immediate picture if you have uploaded one. Provide your contact information on a dementia profile. If they can't remember your name or phone number, 911 will be able to contact you. If your autistic child is lost, you can list additional medical information such as – sensitive to touch, loves to play with cellphones, etc. Provide pictures of children in case they wander away. Provide a medical history for anyone in your household who may not be able to communicate in an emergency such as a low blood sugar, asthma attack or allergy reactions. Sign up today and provide your E-911 dispatchers with the best information you can within seconds of an emergency call, because seconds saves lives.