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"Shelter dogs aren't broken. They've simply experienced more life than other dogs. If they were human, we would call them wise. They would be the ones with tales to tell and stories to write. The ones dealt a bad hand who responded with courage. Do not pity shelter dogs. Adopt one. And be proud to have their greatness by your side."  - Pedigree Adoption Drive


Adoption Information

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How To Adopt a Pet from ACAC

Arenac County Animal Control's goal is to match available animals with responsible adopters. Persons wishing to adopt a pet may visit the shelter to view the dogs and cats available for adoption. Please take time to read the following information regarding adoption information.

  • Animals are adopted by signing an adoption contract. The contract is a legally binding agreement that requires the animal to be sterilized, vaccinated for rabies, and licensed. In order to adopt a pet you must be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  • Animals are available for adoption after evaluations are done and medical care is completed.
  • By Michigan Law, stray dogs must be held for (4) business days if they do not have identification & (7) days if they have identification (dog license/microchip/tags). 
  • Complete the online Adoption Application above if you are interested in adopting a pet.
  • Come to the shelter to meet and visit with the pets. We are happy to assist in matching you with a pet. 
  • Hours: Monday - Thursday: 9:00AM-4:00PM Friday: 9:00AM-Noon (Make an appointment if you are traveling a long distance)
  • Dog Adoption Fee: $50 for Dogs + Dog License Fee for Arenac County Resident
  • Cat Adoption Fee: $30 for Cats
  • Dogs that are not fixed will require a deposit of $40 ensuring they are fixed and rabies vaccinated. 
  • Cats that are not fixed will require a deposit of $25 ensuring they are fixed and rabies vaccinated. 
  • Deposits are returned when the animal is fixed and vaccinated within the agreed upon date on contract.
  • The shelter accepts payment in the form of check or cash only, no credit cards at this time.


Adoptable Pets 


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